Innovation, agility, commitment

create culture of challenge and opportunity

At Critical Manufacturing, behind every solution is a team of smart, ambitious, highly motivated self-starters.

We would not exist without the talented people who help us shape the future of manufacturing. In return we help our employees to develop and accelerate their career by providing them with the skills, opportunities and benefits that come with working for a software company with a global reach.

Discover 6 reasons that make our company such a great place to work.

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Core values: innovation, agility and commitment

At Critical Manufacturing it all revolves around our core values:

INNOVATION: we constantly exceed our customers’ expectations through innovative, efficient and high value-added manufacturing solutions.

AGILITY: agile is more than a methodology, it is a mindset. Our teams and their members accept change and adapt quickly

COMMITMENT: we champion the continued success of our customers and our company.

Be part of challenging and diverse projects

Our software enables our customers - manufacturers of cars, electronics, computers, mobile phones etc. - to produce top quality components that are incorporated in devices that eventually you use every day.

The Internet of Things, Big Data and Human-Machine Interfaces are some of the topics where we investigate, create and provide solutions to some of the most advanced manufacturing environments worldwide.

Glassdoor Reviewers said that Critical Manufacturing provides great work environment and challenging projects

Enjoy your time at work | Perks

We know that well-being and a positive company culture are crucial in keeping our minds focused on work - after all, we're all employees. So we provide you with as many "goodies" as we can to make sure the working environment is stress-free.

Health insurance, Shiatsu therapy, free coffee, breakfast, soup and fresh fruit are some examples of the fringe benefits we offer to all CMFers.

Once in a while, just to break the routine, we organize some get together activities, be it Hot Chocolate Day, Mannequin Challenge shooting, board game night, Carnaval surprises, gaming tournaments, summer sunset parties or a spontaneous Nerf office battle.

Work with most experienced software engineers

In our projects and in daily activities, requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams. Everyone in our company gets to work within a team of highly experienced professionals that are ready to share their knowledge and make you grow.

The following principles enable us to use collective wisdom effectively:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

Build projects around motivated individuals. Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done.

Work for top companies in Europe, USA & Asia

Our software is used in high-tech factories around the world*.

We bring our innovative solutions to the most advanced manufacturing environments worldwide, including: semiconductor, electronics, medical device and automotive.

Our software is critical to keep the factories running - if it fails for only one afternoon, they can lose tens of thousands of Euros. We make sure it doesn't happen - this is where challenge meets satisfaction.

*We can't disclose their names. Trust us - they are big players.

Enjoy your personal life | Work-life balance

Working 9 to 6 is not our thing.

Although we need to be on time for meetings and scheduled events, results is what counts.

We can also work from home when needed, using the home-office policy.

Employees said the work-life balance is sustained at Critical Manufacturing (Annual Employee Satisfaction Survey 2017)