HQ Location's History

Critical Manufacturing headquarters facilities are located in an emblematic building complex in the municipality of Maia, about 10 km north of Porto.

Since 1973 the building complex, shown on the image above, was owned by Texas Instruments, a American Semiconductor manufacturing company. Over the years TI Portugal had grown and enlarged its facilities.

However, by the site’s 20th anniversary, and after considering several options to maintain the competitiveness of the company, an investment contract was signed with Samsung Electronics Company. A joint-venture with the South-Korean semiconductor transformed the company into TISEP - Texas Instruments Samsung Electronica Portugal. TISEP existed to serve TI and Samsung customers, mostly in Europe, including some of the most important electronic equipment manufacturers.

TISEP was the only semiconductor company in the country and the only assembly and test site for ICs in Europe for both TI and Samsung. The company was housed in a six building complex, covering over 15,000 square meters. Until 1998, TISEP assembled and tested over 7.5 billion integrated circuits, making it a major provider of ICs to worldwide customers.

The Technology Park, TecMaia was born upon a municipal initiative by the hand of the then Mayor, Prof. Dr. José Vieira de Carvalho, in seeking a solution to reduce the impact of the relocation of Tisep (Texas Instruments / Samsung) in 1998. Upon the creation of the Technology Park, several companies of various sizes and stages have occupied these former TISEP facilities.

Since the 13th of June of 2014, Critical Manufacturing headquarters and Critical Software branch facilities, became located in part of this building complex (blue area shown on the above image), with a revamped almost 2,000 square meters space. In fact, during some months, part of this building complex underwent a huge refurbishment, in a large architectural project by MVentura & Partners.

As semiconductor is the main segment where Critical Manufacturing operates, it is quite emblematic and rewarding to occupy this space full of history and so related to our business.