Even before Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing came to the center of the global industrial world, Critical Manufacturing had built its architecture to be logically decentralized, horizontally and vertically integrated, and ready to work with modern technologies as they emerge. » Read more about how our MES architecture supports Industry 4.0 in this white paper.

At Critical Manufacturing, our highest priority is to exceed our customers' expectations through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.

Part of that commitment is providing our customers with a quick response to the challenges they bring to our door. To be able to do so, we've embraced Agile methodologies for our organization and our development process.


We chose to use Agile practices for project management and software development because:

  • Through frequent delivery of working software, customers will be able to fine-tune their requirements and maximize the solution for their competitive advantage
  • Agile processes promote sustainable development, as teams adapt and become continuously more effective
  • Best practices like continuous integration, automated tests and nightly builds increase both the pace and the quality of our deliveries
  • We believe that the best requirements, design and architecture emerge from self-organizing teams


“When it comes to selecting an Agile methodology, Scrum is the overwhelming favorite … it is simple, practical, and popular.” -- Forrester

We’ve embraced Scrum for project management because it helps us to focus on and deliver the features that are most valuable for our customers.

The Scrum program at Critical Manufacturing features:

  • Self-organized teams
  • A “product backlog”, a global list of captured and prioritized requirements
  • Generative rules to create an agile environment for delivering projects
  • A series of one or half month-long “sprints” where products progress through design, coding, and test resulting in a workable product at the close of each sprint

Project Dashboard

Test Report:

Affordable MES.
Performance and Scalability for Time-Critical Industry Environments.

by Critical Manufacturing

Critical Manufacturing conducted studies using hardware typical of that found in a working factory to prove MES performance and scalability.

New performance benchmark tests show that even on relatively inexpensive standard hardware, Critical Manufacturing MES can manage well over 400 transactions per second and adding application servers delivers linear performance improvements.