Material Logistics

Integrated warehouse management for just-in-time manufacturing

To manufacture high quality products for customers, on time, it is essential that raw materials are managed to ensure that the right materials are available, in the right quantities at the right time.

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Maintain optimum material availability and flow with key capabilities to:

Manage all business processes related to materials

Support the full material logistics lifecycle

Maintain perfect inventories and just-in-time production

The Critical Manufacturing Materials Logistics module manages the key business processes related to requesting materials, fulfilling those requests and moving materials between locations.

Define material flows between storage areas and production line

Confirm transported materials or materials received (if sent from ERP)

Manufacturers can specify material supply paths across different storage areas and production lines. Material Logistics supports material logistics lifecycle options for transfer, release to a pick list and transportation.

Manage product and quantity needs and transfer requirements

Manage and track transport of picked materials

Manufacturers can increase efficiency and avoid material shortages by automatically replenishing materials based on reorder requirements and target inventory levels, and even take periodic inventories.

Approve and release transfer requirements to automatically create pick lists

Automatically replenish materials based on predefined reorder point and target inventory levels

Perform periodic inventories

Gain the Key Benefits of Material Logistics

Improve visibility and tracking of material requests

Reduce material shortages

Speed material request fulfillment times

Improve inventory management and accuracy of information

Reduce inventory excesses and raw materials scrap

Lower overall material handling costs