Join the Manufacturing Data Revolution

How does Industry 4.0 enable manufacturers to become leaders? The answer is by unlocking and delivering vastly more data and intelligence to facilitate agility and speed and make better decisions with confidence.

Introducing Critical Manufacturing MES V8

The industry’s most modern and complete MES has evolved to give manufacturers the most direct path to success with Industry 4.0. Critical Manufacturing MES V8 represents a step change, loaded with major innovations and new modules to enable manufacturers to realize rapid success in their IIoT initiatives, progressively move towards more automated facilities and drive efficiency, productivity and profitability across their operations.

IoT Data Platform

The new Critical Manufacturing IoT Data Platform, combined with MES, equipment integration, data processing and analytics is a highly scalable platform that is specifically designed to help manufacturers use all their data to identify powerful insights and turn them into action.

With out of the box use cases, manufacturers can accelerate their IoT initiatives for quick wins and fast ROI and can leverage the power of data for today and the future to improve performance, efficiency and innovation for competitive advantage.

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Factory Automation

The new Critical Manufacturing Factory Automation module is a factory level workflow engine designed to help manufacturers progressively increase and adapt their levels of automation over time, all the way to high automation ‘Lights Out’ factories.

Factory Automation helps manufacturers transform their automation capabilities and respond to factory events with the right response, every time, to increase operational efficiency and productivity, shorten cycle time, reduce costs and much more.

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Material Logistics

The new Critical Manufacturing Materials Logistics module helps manufacturers to maximize efficiency and avoid material shortages that cause disruption by supporting the entire material logistics process between storage areas and production lines, including material transfer, release and transportation.

Material Logistics automatically handles material replenishment based on re-order requirements and helps to optimize target inventory levels to achieve just-in-time integrated warehouse management capabilities.

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