Electronics Assembly

Digital transformation means electronics use is growing in established and new applications, and customer demands are ever-changing. Changing costs, tariffs, and varied options for OEMs to outsource to Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), Joint Design Manufacturers (JDM) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) pose both opportunities and risks for everyone in the electronics assembly supply chain. To remain competitive, anyone building boards, sub-assemblies and boxes must produce short runs and make inline changes, maintaining high quality while lowering costs.

Critical Manufacturing Augmented MES helps Electronics Assembly manufacturers constantly upgrade process capability and manage capacity and quality, while driving down cost.

Boost New Product Success

Manage for Quality Despite High Mix

NPI has always been the driving success factor for electronics, but in this digital age, the pace and complexity of change has increased. Critical Manufacturing’s Augmented MES goes beyond Enterprise integration and now includes Experiments Management. This groundbreaking module integrates design of experiments (DoE) with execution and closed-loop feedback of experiment results. Integral to the MES, product and process engineers get ongoing data feeds on every aspect of a process: old, new or experiment. Change management can help roll out approved processes to multiple lines.

High mix to handle the array of new form factors and performance requirements means people simply cannot reliably work without guidance, especially in the face of high employee turnover. Augmented MES includes work instructions. It also delivers the ability to match bills of material to assembly steps, track input materials at point of use, and accurately capture and analyze quality data, as well as Schedule operations. It also allows power users to develop custom GUIs for their environment. Augmented Reality can further support training and operations accuracy. Where more automation and intelligence are applied in the lines, Critical Manufacturing’s MES includes Connect IoT for equipment and sensor data to flow effectively.

Ensure High Yield at a Profit

Optimize across a shifting global supply chain

As lifecycles shrink, high yield has often come with a cost. With Augmented MES, operations personnel can get immediate views of performance in visually intuitive displays such as a Digital Twin, dashboards, and BI cards. Rapidly addressing issues in dark yield that may first be apparent in poor or slipping internet ratings demand MES that includes a Quality Management approach focused on in-line quality, rapid improvement and comprehensive testing. Change Management also enables rapid and consistent development and roll-out of needed process and workflow changes.

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As outsourcing models and partners shift, product design and supply chain activities, as well as manufacturing processes may be scattered across many partners. Critical Manufacturing Augmented MES is designed to support companies in gaining visibility and collaborating. Unlimited device and external system connectivity allows fully integrated manual and automated process steps, storing results as detailed electronic product genealogy. Augmented Reality can ensure against counterfeit components as well as supporting training and task guidance for both maintenance and assembly operations.

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Augmented MES for Electronics

Critical Manufacturing MES for Electronics addresses the unique challenges of both OEM and contract manufacturers. It enables manufacturers to retain full visibility and traceability of process flow and routing, product details, component assembly, in-plant logistics, engineering, exceptions and specifications. In addition, automated record keeping reduces the costs and errors of manual approaches.

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Seize the benefits on your shop floor

Many electronics assembly companies’ experience of MES is dated or based on a limited set of functionality. Augmented MES delivers many more benefits.

Rapid, confident decisions and action based on comprehensive integrated functionality

Visibility and deep understanding from clear user-configurable GUIs with modern analytics behind them

Confidence to migrate to reduce risk from legacy MES or patchwork systems with an experienced team’s support

Agility to respond to market shifts, customer requests, and R&D with robust configuration and rollout capabilities