Electronics Assembly

In our ever-changing world, the use of electronics is growing. From both micro-assemblies and RFID devices, all the way to complex assembled PCBs for use in some of the world’s most advanced products, customer demands are evolving, and digitization is becoming a necessity. Faster, smarter, more sophisticated devices are released with ever growing frequency and Electronics manufacturers producing printed circuit boards (PCBs), printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), complex assemblies, and box build must improve manufacturing speed and lower the cost of innovation. At the same time, they must be flexible and agile enough to produce high-mix, low volume products at high quality. This is a major change for processes, people and systems, requiring flexibility and agility to make inline changes and rapid changeovers to remain competitive.

High-tech manufacturers must accelerate their digital transformation to become Industry 4.0-ready and overcome the challenges associated with a rapidly changing world. Critical Manufacturing MES V8 helps Electronics Assembly manufacturers constantly upgrade process capability and manage capacity and quality, while driving down the cost.

Boost Efficiency

Execute processes reliably

Critical Manufacturing MES' unique capabilities offer access to the industry's largest library of SMT, THT, test, and other machine interfaces. Combining real time equipment and process monitoring with accurate live OEE visualization of Quality and Performance, together with advanced Factory Automation and Analytics modules, it ensures visibility over the entire manufacturing operations and achieves highest levels of performance and reliability.

Critical Manufacturing MES allows complete logical control of production machines and helps to eliminate manufacturing errors by enforcing correct setups on any machine, material or process, blocking feeders when it needs maintenance or when MSDs floor life is expired. Using intuitive Work Instructions or designing your own configurable and mobile-ready GUIs helps to guide operators interactively through detailed product and process steps.

Manage materials profitably

Accelerate NPI

Material management is vital in the production cycle of a plant. Critical Manufacturing MES minimizes waste by delivering kitted materials to the line based on real-time pull signals from machines, prioritizing selection of time sensitive and MSD material at the warehouse, automating material tracking and consumption to create an efficient flow of materials, avoiding equipment downtimes due to material shortages.

Critical Manufacturing MES provides key engineering tools for introducing new products to PCB assembly, inspection and test. Focusing on right-first-time production programs, documents and in-line quality, the time to market response can be substantially reduced through our centralized infrastructure that manages and leverages manufacturing data, allowing faster progress while developing and releasing new products.

Schedule for perfect customer service

Unleash your data

Deliver the right product, on time, every time, with reduced changeover times and increased asset usage in all PCB assembly operations. Each customer work order can be easily tracked throughout the factory, allowing bottleneck identification by monitoring current status of delivery and minimizing changeover of materials. The Advanced Scheduling module ensures the availability of the right people, material and resources to optimize production throughput.

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Using Critical Manufacturing MES allows material history tracing per PCB ID, work order or timecode to minimize liabilities and ensure customer traceability through each step of the production process. Alarms, production holds when out-of-sequence or wrong operation errors are detected, WIP report generation and the power of the new IoT Data Platform module helps collect data, enrich it with MES contextual data and close the loop with decisive actions.

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SMT Integrated Solutions

Critical Manufacturing’s open and integrated SMT solution leverages the major capabilities of the core MES alongside existing line solutions and machine specific software programs and protocols. Critical Manufacturing’s MES and native equipment integration and automation module, Connect IoT transforms data exchange between the ERP and manufacturing shop floor and handles edge processing with the new IoT Data Platform to gain powerful real-time factory insights. Whether communication is required between your SMT lines, material towers, test fixtures, robotic systems, or manual assembly; Critical Manufacturing offers a holistic solution for connectivity and Industry 4.0 transformation. Utilizing protocol agnostic technologies, Critical provides precise real-time material consumption information, granular reference level designator traceability, and complete set-up and process control.


Critical Manufacturing MES for Electronics and PCB Assembly addresses the unique challenges of OEM, contract and PCB manufacturers. It enables manufacturers to easily connect to equipment and IoT devices, retain full visibility and traceability of process flow and routing, product details, component assembly, in-plant logistics, materials management, engineering, exceptions and specifications. To keep up with customer demand, the modular approach is comprehensive not only across track and trace, quality and factory management, but also scheduling, labor and maintenance management. Critical Manufacturing MES V8 is modern, highly configurable and ready for new business models and technologies.

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Seize the benefits on your shop floor

Many electronics assembly manufacturers experience of MES is dated or based on a limited set of functionality. The latest Critical Manufacturing MES V8 delivers many more benefits.

Make rapid, confident decisions and action based on comprehensive integrated functionality

Learn faster with deep understanding to transform business outcomes with the power of an Integrated IoT Platform and advanced analytics/data science tools

Confidently migrate from legacy MES or patchwork systems and reduce risk with an experienced team’s support

Gain the agility to respond to market shifts, customer requests, and R&D with robust configuration and rollout capabilities