Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing companies are under pressure to innovate at a breakneck pace. Customers want ever smaller, denser and more powerful products for handheld, wearable and mobile electronics, as well as new applications in IoT, communications, automotive, medical and aerospace. Opportunities for surface mount technology (SMT), ball grid array (BGA), flip chip and high density interconnect (HDI) designs are growing, but bring with them manufacturing challenges.

Critical Manufacturing Augmented MES helps Medical Device manufacturers constantly upgrade process capability and manage capacity and quality, while driving down cost.

Upgrade Processes and Equipment

Assure Quality in New Products

3D printed, HDI, high power and flexible PCBs require completely new, upgraded processes and equipment be proven rapidly. Critical Manufacturing’s Augmented MES now includes Experiments Management. This groundbreaking module integrates design of experiments (DoE) with execution and closed-loop feedback of experiment results to deeply understand processes. Change Management also enables rapid and consistent development and roll-out of needed process and workflow changes.

In addition to new equipment and processes, companies must continuously innovate their product designs. This often increases the mix of products through their lines and the complexity of operations. Critical Manufacturing Augmented MES handles high-volume and high-mix lines, and supports operators and technicians with visual views of performance, including quick-glance BI Cards, plus the factory Digital Twin. Augmented MES goes beyond PLM integration to include a full suite of Quality Management and intelligence modules. Further, Augmented Reality delivers greater engagement and assurance, intuitively guiding actions on the plant floor.

Get Data Flowing

Master Global Supply and Eco-sustainability

The current patchwork of manual, spreadsheet-based and legacy systems to manage the information required to fabricate and assemble PCBs, and track results, is no longer keeping pace with change. Critical Manufacturing’s Augmented MES is comprehensive, with all modules natively integrated across the MES. Enterprise integration is just the start. It has a native equipment automation module called Connect IoT that delivers data integration for receiving part programs and leveraging IoT connectivity. The FabLive Digital Twin opens a new window into the plant floor, and can incorporate information from any plant floor system.

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To create more sustainable products, many are turning to 3D printing, which opens up new, more flexible, recyclable and even biodegradable material options. New materials mean new suppliers – which raises global issues around security and traceability. A fully integrated modular MES can deliver superior genealogy reports as well as equipment and process checks. Augmented reality on SMT assembly lines can also help prevent counterfeit components from being used inadvertently. Connect IoT integrating data from production equipment and in-line IoT sensors can further ensure emissions and effluent tracking is fully considered in the operational environment.

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Augmented MES for PCB

Critical Manufacturing MES for PCB addresses the unique challenges of PCB manufacturers. It enables manufacturers to connect to equipment, retain full visibility and traceability of process flow and routing, product details, in-plant logistics, engineering, exceptions and specifications. The systems needed to keep up with customers are not only comprehensive across track and trace, quality, factory management, but also scheduling, labor and maintenance management. Beyond that, the MES must be modern, configurable and ready for new business models and technologies.

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Seize the benefits on your shop floor

Many PCB companies’ experience of MES is dated or based on a limited set of functionality. Augmented MES delivers many more benefits.

Rapid, confident decisions and action based on comprehensive integrated functionality

Visibility and deep understanding from clear user-configurable GUIs with modern analytics behind them

Confidence to migrate to reduce risk from legacy MES or patchwork systems with an experienced team’s support

Agility to respond to market shifts, customer requests, and R&D with robust configuration and rollout capabilities