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Interns @ Critical Manufacturing: António Ramadas

October 13, 2017

Interns @ Critical Manufacturing: António Ramadas

The summer is over but we would like to go back in time a bit and share an experience of António Ramadas, one of our Summer Interns.

Under a supervision of Ivo Navega, he completed his project titled MES Face Sign-In. Here's what António tells about himself.

"While studying at FEUP, I had the luck to have a preview of how Critical Manufacturing is like and to work for you. I learned a lot and I also discovered there still is a lot to learn from you.

My work has been mostly on web, but I don’t discard any other possibilities, including the growing area machine learning. I also like open-source, because I like to see the code and when the author lets the community contribute. I’m amazed for the results that may be achieved. Sometimes, I’m even surprised by others’ implementation.

When I’m not studying, I listen to music, I jog, I hangout, I watch movies/series and I sunbath. I also enjoy photography and other hobbies, but I prefer to tell you instead of writing a big list.

I’ve always been welcome in Critical. Couldn’t be more excited to work with you."

We’ve also asked António a few questions about his time with our company.

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CMF: How were you aware of Critical Manufacturing?

António: After attending several informatics events, I noticed Critical Manufacturing is always present. At the time, I was just slightly aware of the company action. However, it was when I had an opportunity to work with two employees of the company, Pedro Simeão and José Silva, in a university assignment that I became truly aware of the company presence.

CMF: What made this an attractive internship?

António: When I was looking for internships, I found this internship where I could apply the side project I was planning to do. It quickly stood out from the rest of the internships.

CMF: What were the major challenges you faced during this internship?

António: This is the first time where I work in a company. Just that can be considered a challenge where I test what I learned at the university. However, this is also the biggest project I’ve ever joined. Understanding how everything was designed and implemented wasn’t and still isn’t an easy job. Having the team backing me up helped me tackle all the obstacles.

CMF: How was Critical Manufacturing involved in your project?

António: Critical Manufacturing provided me the tools, some of which I wouldn’t have access just by my own, to implement an ambitious project aiming to improve the user experience.

CMF: How's the work environment at Critical Manufacturing?

António: The facilities, the environment and the people promote a friendly relaxed environment.

CMF: What do you think about the implementation of your work at Critical?

António: My work must match the standards of the company. Also, having a constant monitoring helps me avoid some mistakes and improve my work.

CMF: What are the main experience and knowledge that you will take from this internship?

António: Besides the experience I gained from working with different technologies, some of which I ‘ve never worked before, I saw how it truly is working inside a company.

CMF: What would you say to a friend of yours who is interested in coming here?

António: The environment is nice, the facilities are great and you’ll have the chance to work with some of the hottest web technologies.

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