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Interns @ Critical Manufacturing: Tiago Silvestre

September 21, 2018

Interns @ Critical Manufacturing: Tiago Silvestre

The summer is almost over, for some people it was a very busy and productive time! We would like to share an experience of Tiago Silvestre, one of our Summer Interns.

Under a supervision of Francisco Maciel, he completed his project titled MES Visual Studio Code Extension, to support the engineers and developers of the Critical Manufacturing MES, using components provided by the framework to generate code snippets that ease the development process, validating restrictions, and facilitating access to documentation. Here's what Tiago says about himself.

"Hi, my name is Tiago Silvestre, I’m 24 years old and I’m currently at my final year of the Computer Engineering course at ISEP. I can say that I currently don’t have any professional experience since I’m still a student, but I do have a lot of experience in group works, because I have a long list of volunteering experience where teamwork was crucial.

Like a long list of volunteering I also have a long list of hobbies like going to the cinema or watch series at home (who doesn’t like Game of Thrones?), grab a drink with friends or a simple coffee, play videogames, listen to music and practice sports, my favourite one is swimming and I’m currently practicing Hapkido which is a South Korean martial art."

We’ve also asked Tiago a few questions about his time with our company.

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How were you aware of Critical Manufacturing?

Tiago: The moment I received an email from my course director bringing attention to the Critical Manufacturing Summer Internships. From here I searched the Critical's website and got to know a bit about the company.

What made this an attractive internship?

Tiago: The fact that this internship prerequisites were matters that I recently studied mixing with other technologies that I didn't have any knowledge about, namely Visual Studio Code Extensions and Chrome Extensions.

What were the major challenges you faced during this internship?

Tiago: During my internship, for the Visual Studio Code Extension I found a lack of how-to documentation and since this was critical for the use of the Visual Studio Engine it took me a bit more time to understand its functionalities. When I moved to the second project the Chrome documentation was better explained, leading to a better understanding and a rapid implementation of what was asked, adding that both projects were unknown tools for me. This for technical challenges.

How was Critical Manufacturing involved in your project?

Tiago: Since the beginning, various colleagues helped me setup my workstation and as for my internship supervisor, Francisco Maciel, he gave everything I could need, including support and knowledge to do my tasks. He'd check up on me every now and then to see if help was needed and to check out the work's progress, always showing excitement on what was being done. A big thanks to Francisco, Samuel Rodrigues and José Pedro Silva and the rest of the team for the continuous support!

How's the work environment at Critical Manufacturing?

Tiago: Very relaxed which, on contrary to stress caused by deadlines, gives motivation and room for creativity and that's great for innovation. I also had the opportunity to make part of Critical's new step, the joining to the ASMPT Group.

What do you think about the implementation of your work at Critical?

Tiago: I think it will have some impact in the way Critical's Development Team work as both projects alleviate some extra steps needed before hand and so being they can work better without having to lose focus. In addition to this the Chrome Extension in particular, can have implemented user options in a future improvement which can bring more compatibility with every single one.

What are the main experience and knowledge that you will take from this internship?

Tiago: Definitely extensions, although I also dived into a purer Javascript approach that lead me to a new learning of this language. As for work experience it gave me knowledge on how companies work and what it is to be like in a work environment.

What would you say to a friend of yours who is interested in coming here?

Tiago: Critical's Summer internship was my first working experience but I would definitely tell them "go!". Critical has amazing people, with a very good environment and a great facility. It's an awesome place to work.

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