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Critical Manufacturing @ São Paulo - IPD Eletron

November 08, 2013

Critical Manufacturing @ São Paulo - IPD Eletron

Critical Manufacturing has been invited to provide an in-depth lecture on Manufacturing Executions Systems at the first Innovation Day organized by ABINEE’s IPD Electron Institute on November 13th, in São Paulo.

ABINEE is a nonprofit organization that represents the electric and electronic sectors throughout Brazil. Founded in September 1963, has as associates, domestic and foreign companies, operating throughout the country and of all sizes. Its importance as an entity class is a direct function of the relevance of the sector in the context of the Brazilian economy. The headquarters Abinee are located in São Paulo having directorships and offices in Minas Gerais, Northeast, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and Brasilia.

IPD Eltron is ABINEE’s Institute for Research and Technological Development for the Electrical, Electronic and Information Technology sector, create in 2004 to encourage the research, development and innovation culture in the sector, through an interaction between companies and R&D institutions, the promotion of technological networks and supporting fundraising.

The first ever Innovation Day at IPD will feature a presentation about Manufacturing Execution Systems for Electrical and Electronic Industries, provided by Augusto Vilarinho, Critical Manufacturing’s Business Development Manager. The event is free, but with limited capacity and will take place at Auditório Abinee - Av. Paulista, 1439 - 6º andar - São Paulo.

More information about the Innovation Day and how to sing up can be found here


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