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Are you an IT student attending ENEI 2014? How much do you like this iPad?

April 03, 2014

Are you an IT student attending ENEI 2014? How much do you like this iPad?

ENEI (National Meeting of IT Students) presents the 9th edition of the National Meeting of IT students in Aveiro. From the 11th to the 14th of April 2014, at Universidade de Aveiro, participants will be able to enjoy a wide range of lectures, workshops and strong networking activities both with companies and with more than 500 other students in the area of IT in the country.

The opening ceremony of the event is scheduled to 8:30 pm, April 11th at Grande Auditório - Reitoria da Universidade de Aveiro.

Critical Manufacturing is a proud sponsor of ENEI 2014 and promotes the "Critical Manufacturing Challenge", a programming contest designed to show the IT students the type of challenges present in the company’s daily business dealing with some of the top industries world-wide. A real-life challenge will be presented and the winner shall be the student presenting the more efficient, performing and original solution. The winner of this competition will be awarded an Apple iPad with Retina Display - 16GB Wi-Fi.

Register in ENEI now and sign up for the Critical Manufacturing Challenge on the first day of the event. For more information about the event, including the speakers, the venue, accommodation and activities please visit eneiaveiro.


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