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Critical Manufacturing in R&D project CassaMobile

October 14, 2013

Critical Manufacturing in R&D project CassaMobile

Under the full title Flexible Mini-Factory for local and customized production in a container or project CassaMobile, a consortium of 11 entities got their R&D project approved and funded under the European Seventh Framework Programme.

The CassaMobile vision is to provide a local, flexible and environmentally friendly production of highly customized parts through a “Flexible Mini-Factory in a container”. To achieve it, the project will use advanced production equipment and innovative systems to enable fast and cost-effective manufacturing of customized products at the location of need, at the required time.

CassaMobile will develop a mobile, flexible, modular, small-footprint manufacturing system in a 20’ ISO-container that can be easily configured for different products and processes. The container format allows transport to provide on-site manufacturing anywhere, enabling the benefits of localized service delivery without duplication of equipment at multiple locations. This will create a significant impact by enabling manufacturers to respond to rapidly changing market dynamics with high value-added products whilst reducing time-to-market, cost, environmental footprint and set-up time.

The project started in September 2013 and will end in August 2016. Critical Manufacturing will lead the development of Software Interfaces allowing an easy, visual interaction with services provided by the software of the Mini-Factory Container, such as configuration of entities and management of maintenance requests.

For more information on the project, please check here

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