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Critical Manufacturing listed in 2015 CGI’s MES Product Survey

November 11, 2015

Critical Manufacturing listed in 2015 CGI’s MES Product Survey

Once again, MES experts have compiled and published an annual MES Product Survey providing detailed product overviews and insight into MES trends.

The answers to the survey acquired from 67 vendors of total of 71 MES products are meant to provide manufacturers with an information that will help them shortlist and choose potential solutions.

“These days, there are more technologies and solutions to choose from than ever before. MES buyers stand a better chance of finding the perfect solution, but at the same face a greater challenge in finding it. With our annual MES Survey, we supply our clients and business partners with clear product overviews and insights into market developments.” Gerard Ipskamp and Jan Snoeij, CGI

What’s in it for you?

Both MES vendors and buyers can benefit from the survey. It provides clear product overviews and insight into market development and industry trends.

While 71 MES products included in the survey serve total of 24 different industry sectors, it is worth noticing that each vendor focuses on approximately 9-10 specific industries. The report can be a good starting point for manufacturers who are starting a selection process of a suitable MES.

Critical Manufacturing is being listed in the MES survey for the 3rd time. As other 66 MES vendors interviewed, we provided the feedback that covered the following areas:

    - General product information and major functionalities
    - Preconfigured industry sector solutions
    - Interfaces and communications
    - Implementation and deployment
    - ISA95 and ISO 50001 compliance
    - Technical aspects and configurability
    - … and many more.

Towards a higher level - trends in MES

Based on the results of this year’s survey and the data obtained in the past 15 editions CGI experts were able to identify several trends that were evident in the MES market and Manufacturing IT: more support for quality, maintenance & inventory operations; shift towards more pre-configured and industry-specific solutions; thrive for maturity and standardization of the manufacturing operation processes. The report also underlines the increasing role of integration with ERP & process control systems, Industrie 4.0 and growing interest in MES SaaS.

To read more about the survey, visit CGI's website or see the brochure:

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