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Critical Manufacturing will host the 9th Porto NetPonto community meeting

January 08, 2016

Critical Manufacturing will host the 9th Porto NetPonto community meeting

Critical Manufacturing will host the 9th meeting of the Porto NetPonto community on the 16th of January.

The NetPonto community is an independent, non-profit initiative, with the simple purpose of sharing knowledge in the field of architecture and software development on the .NET platform.

José Pedro Silva from Critical Manufacturing will do a presentation on Typescript with Angular 2 in Enterprise Apps.

"At Critical Manufacturing we are building the next generation of our MES product for the Web and mobile devices, using Typescript with Angular 2 and Flux. The new interface is designed to be used by thousands of users, 24/7, in different browsers and devices. We will talk about the latest development challenges we're facing and how we model the system to reach the necessary performance and stability."

Paulo Morgado, Microsoft MVP, will share the latest features of C# 6.0.

"The C# programming language hasn't changed much in this last iteration. Every effort was put into the construction of the new platform of "Roslyn" compilers. However, some small features were introduced to help increase code writing productivity."

The entrance is free, but the number of places is limited. Click on the button below to register.


For more information about the event, please visit 9ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto no Porto.


Rua Engº Frederico Ulrich, nº 2650
4470-605 Moreira da Maia

Coordinates GPS: 41°15'32.87"N, 8°38'28.46"W

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