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Shiatsu therapy relieves employees from their daily work stress

May 16, 2014

Shiatsu therapy relieves employees from their daily work stress

Critical Manufacturing provides advanced software solutions to some of more complex manufacturing environments. The company is amongst the top solution providers in this field worldwide. But this work isn’t easy or stressless, leading the company to initiate an on-site wellness program.

Since 2012, through TEAM SPA, a company whose scope of work is a top quality spa service backed by highly qualified professionals, CRITICAL Manufacturing provides to its employees shiatsu therapies and massages 3 days per week. Shiatsu generates a sense of inner balance, relaxation, vitality, lightness and wellness. It helps keeping the body and mind functioning optimally, bringing the body back to optimal functioning, keeping body tissues and basic functions in a more youthful state.

These therapeutics and massages helps balance the effects of stress, muscle tension relief, improved circulation, increase of motivation, productivity and ability to focus at work. Shiatsu is especially beneficial for desk workers, whose work involves long hours sitting at a desk using a computer.

Acupressure shiatsu therapies and massages are generally focused on energy that circulates throughout the body in a continuous flow along defined passageways caller meridians. The technique is finger pressure on individual points, applied with the whole body to help you be more relaxed and in touch with your body.

For more information how does Shiatsu works, click here.

Each person is unique, so each treatment is different as the practitioner responds to the current energy state of the individual.

Here are some statements from our employees and one of our practitioners:

“Having this kind of therapy in my workplace is a privilege that allows me to solve most of my back problems without having to use any kind of medicines.” Luís Pinho - Principal Software Engineer.

“Since I’ve started going to the Shiatsu therapy sessions, I’ve felt some health benefits. My sleepless nights have reduced considerably and I feel that I recover better in times of greater tension and fatigue.” Edite Felício - Secretary.

"Shiatsu therapy is tremendously invigorating. An enjoyable moment in a stressful day to day." Pedro Oliveira - Business Developer.

"I'm very happy to be able to share my experience as a Shiatsu Therapist combined with training in Traditional Chinese Medicine with Critical Manufacturing. I'm contributing to a balanced work environment, increasing the levels of wellness and productivity." David Cruz - Shiatsu Therapist.

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