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Enhance MES legacy systems with online real-time visibility and operations intelligence

October 07, 2013

Enhance MES legacy systems with online real-time visibility and operations intelligence

Manufacturers operating in high tech sectors such as semiconductor must continuously embrace change or find themselves overtaken by more agile competitors. Forward-looking companies can point to a history of innovation and continuous improvement - and know that further change will be required to remain successful. These changes encompass everything, from product conception, design and manufacturing to the sale, support and retirement processes.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) play a vital role in this perpetual evolution. Almost no change can be done without the appropriate enforcement, recording and process automation that MES systems provide. The MES is often considered a very mature market. However, many of these systems have evolved from homegrown applications, and many commercial systems have been developed to meet the narrow requirements of certain industries.

Given the effort to build a new MES and the need for a return on such investments, the majority of existing solutions were developed 10, 20 or even more years ago, prior to the major technology advancements in recent years. Early suppliers accumulated a significant customer base which could not be abandoned or disrupted even when new technologies became available. Thus, improvements in legacy systems tended to be small and incremental.

At Semicon Europa, Tom Bednarz, Critical Manufacturing Deutschland’s MD, will present an approach for enhancing different MES legacy systems with online real-time visibility and operations intelligence capabilities in a multinational semiconductor company. Since none of the existing MES has sufficient capabilities, a few selectedcmNavigo productivity suite modules are applied on top of these legacy systems, providing them advanced features

SEMICONEuropa is the place to see the leading companies, technologies, and people driving the future of micro- and nanoelectronics design and manufacturing.

Contact us for free tickets and for scheduling a cmNavigo demonstration.

We found their platform approach to be innovative and consistent with LNS Research’s vision of a next generation, MOM integration and collaboration platform, and modular ‘apps.’”

cmNavigo includes a critical mass of modules to cover factory integration, on-line visibility and traceability, integrated quality, operational efficiency, and operations intelligence

-- Mark Davidson, “Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Solution Selection Guide”, LNS Research.

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