In today's rapidly evolving technology domain, researching the latest developments and understanding their potential business benefits is crucial.

CRITICAL Manufacturing’s commitment to applied research reinforces the company’s mission to develop innovative, dependable technologies to the benefit of its customers.

The company also works in partnership with universities and R&D centres in applied research in order to continuously explore new ideas and technologies.

Some of the most relevant R&D activities currently ongoing at CRITICAL Manufacturing are:


The objective of the project is to improve European semiconductor fabrication plants efficiency by providing methods and tools to better control the process variability, reduce the cycle time and enhance the effectiveness of the production equipment... Know more


The objective of the project is to develop a new knowledge based manufacturing technology by providing simulation and self-learning methods for continuous Improvement of the production process and data replication and data consistence as well as knowledge sharing in the production...Know more


The vision of I-RAMP³ is to enable the European manufacturing industry towards smart manufacturing systems in conventional production. The project aims at creating innovative solutions in order to improve the competitiveness for this important industry sector... Know more


The vision of ReBORN is to demonstrate strategies and technologies that support a new paradigm for re-use of production equipment in old, renewed and new factories making the factory design process much easier and straight forward, shortening ramp-up times ... Know more


The CassaMobile vision is to provide a local, flexible and environmentally friendly production of highly customized parts through a “Flexible Mini-Factory in a container” using advanced production equipment and innovative systems to enable fast and cost-effective manufacturing ...Know more


The Road4FAME's vision is to develop a strategic research and innovation roadmap for IT architectures and services in manufacturing. The project will focus on architectures and services which facilitate agile and flexible manufacturing processes, ease interoperability in distributed manufacturing... Know more


The SemI40's vision is to enable future development of the European manufacturing industry toward the “Industry 4.0”. The project will focus on "smart production" and "cyber-physical production systems" and is one of the largest Industry 4.0 projects in Europe... Know more