White Paper:

IIoT Has a "Thing" for MES. Why IoT Platforms Won’t Replace MES for Industry 4.0

by Iyno Advisors and Critical Manufacturing

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is ushering in a new era and we believe it will only succeed as a marriage with MES. Some say IIoT will spell the end of MES – that it will no longer be needed. We understand why that seems attractive, but we don’t agree.


MES provides a dozen capabilities that are essential to the success of IIoT projects. We’ll describe those briefly, along with the characteristics of the New MES designed to support this environment. Leveraging IIoT makes MES more important than ever. In fact, we see that IIoT has a thing for MES.

This White Paper explains why in the following chapters:

The IIoT World / What IoT Platforms Do

The Critical Role(s) of MES for IIoT

A Dozen Things MES Delivers for IIoT

Why Some Want MES to Vanish (And Why It Still Won’t)

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